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kraft paper with window opener spot bag manufacturer custom


Packaging Paper Flour Bags

Vacuum packaging bags, deoxidizing packaging bags, and retort packaging bags are common packaging bags, but what are the differences and differences between the three?

Vacuum bag

The vacuum packaging bag is also called the emptying packaging bag. It is to exhaust the air in the packaging as much as possible, reduce the volume of the packaged object, make the packaged object close to the packaging bag and not easy to move, avoid impact with the packaging, and prevent the oxidation of the contents. Only ordinary bacteria and anaerobic bacteria are propagated, so that they are easy to carry and not easy to break, and can also prolong the shelf life of the contents.

Deoxidizing bag

The deoxidizing packaging bag does not need to completely remove the air in the packaging, but the deoxidizing agent is placed in the packaging to deplete the oxygen in the packaging, and the growth of a bacteria prevents the oxidized and deteriorated of the packaged material, thereby prolonging the contents. Plastic flexible packaging with a shelf life.

Cooking bag

The plastic flexible packaging bag used for high-temperature steaming or boiled sterilization is a retort packaging bag, which is firstly evacuated when it is packaged. Otherwise, the air in the packaging bag is difficult to conduct heat to the contents to kill the bacteria. In addition, the air inside the package will also swell under the thermal expansion.

The commonalities and differences between the three bags:

The common point of vacuum packaging bags, deoxidizing packaging bags and cooking packaging bags is that they must be made of plastic film with good gas barrier properties. Their difference is vacuum packaging, no need to heat cooking, but the cooking package must first vacuum, vacuum packaging does not necessarily exhaust all of the oxygen, although the deoxidation package does not vacuum, but the oxygen in the package must be exhausted. Therefore, on the film selected for packaging, vacuum packaging, deoxidation packaging only need to use a film with good gas barrier properties and oxygen barrier properties.

The retort packaging bag not only requires good barrier properties (gas barrier, oxygen barrier), but also high heat resistance (can withstand high temperature cooking), and also requires good water vapor transmission of the film, printing ink combination Composite adhesives are also required to have good high temperature resistance.

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